The Digital Binoculars Are About to Change Sightseeing Forever

The origin of binoculars dates back at least 300 years. Shortly after Isaac Newton invented the first telescope in 1704, scientists began experimenting by looking into two telescopic lenses next to each other. More contemporary binoculars were invented about a century later and have remained relatively the same since.

Until today. A number of companies have introduced smart binoculars, which are changing things in remarkable ways.

Smart Binoculars Are a Game Changer for Outdoor Hobbyists

digital binocular
Why are smart binoculars making a difference among outdoor hobbyists? Here are some major features to be aware of.

Share Images and Videos
The first pair of binoculars allowed people to view objects that were too difficult to see with the naked eye. However, the viewer could only store the images in their own brain. With a pair of smart binoculars, you can instantly share the images to your smartphone device and record them forever.
If that isn't impressive enough, smart binoculars allow you to stream videos of your subjects in real-time. You can even share these images on Periscope or Meerkat.

Use Calculations to Help With Angles
Smart binoculars can also calculate altitudes, display headings and other factors to help you change the angling for better shots. You can significantly improve image quality this way.

Night Vision
Night vision binoculars have been around for some time, but smart vision binoculars have made further improvements. They come with a more sophisticated infrared flashlight, which makes it much easier to see in even the darkest nights.

Critics Are Impressed So Far

ATN Corp, a leader in optics technology, was one of the first companies to develop smart binoculars. Gear Report recently wrote a review of ATN Binox-HD Smart HD Optics Day & Night Vision Digital Binoculars.

"We are fairly early in the review cycle for these Digital day/night binoculars and will add more pictures and comments as our experience grows. However, so far, I am impressed. For the money, the ATN Binox-HD appears to be a steal."

They did clarify that they are still skeptical about some of the claims. ATN and other smart binocular manufacturers claim that their products are weather and water resistant. Reviewers have been hesitant to test this out, so it's too early to take them at their word just yet. People will probably know after they are caught in a rainstorm some time.

The experts at Gear Report aren't the only ones that were impressed by the new technology. Here's an excerpt from a customer at Amazon.

"Well finally got my binoculars and man am I impressed. Heard about this as a good night vision binoculars but actually image quality during the day is terrific. Managed to get great videos of the kids playing Football last weekend. No touchdowns but got a great tackle video of my son going down - lol. Got home and we had a great laugh watching it on my laptop. Although realized that I could of also saw the video through either my phone or Ipad using the ATN app."

The early reviews are pretty positive so far. It's clear that customers have big expectations for smart binoculars. Will they be a key piece of equipment in the average outdoorsman's gear kit?


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