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AstroScope for Nikon SLR|Night Vision Lens for Nikon

The AstroScope 9350 is a modular night vision system that transforms cameras and camcorders into effective night-time image capture systems. The modular design allows the 9350 to be efficiently set up on a number of camera and camcorder platforms.

In these setups, the CIU is powered straight from the camera, and, many camera functions (consisting of lens stabilization) are maintained. Electrophysics' trademarked method streamlines camera operation throughout night-time objectives and makes sure the shift from day-time to night-time security is without issues. It is quickly set up in seconds: get rid of the host camera's unbiased lens, connect the 9350 to the lens mount, re-attach the unbiased lens to the front of the 9350.

The AstroScope 9350-NIKS-3PRO Night Vision Adapter is suitable with Nikon's movie and digital SLR cameras. Fitted with a high-performance 3rd generation intensifier, the AstroScope substantially improves your camera's low-light abilities.

AstroScope for Nikon SLR
Your hd camera can now handle a better function in all your security issues. The AstroScope's capability to record images in low light that ensure facial acknowledgment and automobile registration recognition guarantees your capability to perform large location monitoring and long range detection. You can protect any boundary, turned off border crossings, and render any 'line in the sand' bulletproof.

Keep in mind: Export of this gadget explained herein is strictly restricted without a legitimate export license provided by the U.S. Department of State workplace of Defense Trade Controls, as recommended in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 120-130, and/or the united state Department of Commerce. For additional info contact the Office of Defense Trade Control and/or the united state Department of Commerce.

  • Powered by camera body
  • Smooth combination in between the host camera and CIU
  • Keeps auto-focus and vibration-reduction performance
  • Light-weight, non-reflective, black epoxy-coated aluminum real estate

Installing System

  • Connects straight to the camera's lens mount
  • Lens connects straight to the AstroScope

Third Generation Intensifier Tube

While 2nd generation night vision works well in many applications, 3rd generation night vision will certainly out perform it in all scenarios. With a 3rd generation NVD, your image will certainly be crisper and clearer with a reduced level of intense light flowering. These enhancements significantly enhance the acknowledgment and detection range of the system.