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ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Night Vision Binoculars

The ATN  Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x feature several fantastic functions that make them optimal night binoculars for lots of uses consisting of night safaris and wildlife watching, camping, time bird enjoying, hunting, marine usage and safety.

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Night Vision Binoculars Review

The ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x main attributes include a high resolution 1st Gen Intensifier Tube which provides you a light amplification of 35,000, a outstanding night vision binoculars with 5x magnification, Smart Digital Technology instantly transform the binoculars on when you bring them as much as your eyes and shut off when you take them away, conserving battery life. An integrateded Infrared illuminator is an usual function on numerous Night Vision devices nowadays which was originated by ATN (American Technologies Network Corp.) and these binoculars consist of an extremely effective lengthy array IR illuminator that allow you to utilize the binoculars even when there are not one other light sources like the stars or the moon readily available. When subjected to bright light fixture such as automobile light fixtures or room light fixtures, they likewise have a bright-source protection to the intensifier tubes that protects them.

The multi-coated 90mm glass lenses permit optimal clarity and distance and light weight aluminum alloy construction of the body is not simply light in weight, but also difficult and make a good option if you require a tough and dependable pair of -vision binoculars.

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Cheap Vision: Total as a Gen 1 night vision tool, the ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x is popular in lots of vision evaluations and is among the best marketing night vision binoculars on the marketplace. With outstanding efficiency and first class images and with may other brands of NV binoculars setting you back a lot more for the very same or fewer functions it is very easy to view why.
Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Feature

  • ATN unique Smart functions
  • Automatic on/off proximity sensing unit
  • Powerful 5x magnification
  • Hard aluminum alloy building
  • Heght resolution Gen 1+ Photo intensifier tubes
  • Multi-coated all glass optics for optimal clarity and proximity
  • Integrated highly effective infrared illuminator (IR illuminator).
  • Water and fog resistant.
  • Camera Adaptability: Could connect to an electronic camera or camera to take photographs and video clip.
  • Limited Two-Year Service warranty.
  • Includes soft carrying case and 2 lithium batteries.

The Infra-red illuminators (IR):.

The IR headlight greatly boosts the performance of the ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x while remaining nearly completely unnoticeable to the nude eye. The IR illuminator on the Night Scout is situated on the side of the binoculars, to turn the IR on, you simply need to transform on IR button.

Making use of the ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x with an Electronic camera or Video camera.

You could utilize your ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x with a 35mm camera or video camera by utilizing the optional electronic camera adaptor. Your camera should have a MACRO attribute although a lot of modern-day cameras today have a MACRO attribute built in, but it deserves checking initially. , if you are using a 35mm electronic camera you will require a MACRO lens which you can obtain from many great camera stores.

All you need to do is screw the camera adapter onto the front of the lens on your Video electronic camera's lens or your 35-mm cam's lens and location the camera adapter over the Precursor's eyepiece. Concentrate the 35mm video camera or video clip cam in mix with the Night Scout in order to obtain the sharpest possible image an essential factor to keep in mind is that you are not taking an image of a things that is much away from you, however you are actually taking an image of a phosphorous screen of the Night Scout that is just 2-3 inches away and that is why you need the MACRO feature or MACRO lens on your video camera.
You might also require a STEP-UP or STEP-DOWN supplant order to adjust the camera adapter to your lens. The video camera adapter features 52-mm and 37-mm threads, if you need various other sizes your regional video camera establishment need to be able to aid.

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x - Gen 1 Night Vision.

Whilst Gen 1 gadgets offer exceptional value and considering that of their inexpensive (or ought to that be the very higher cost of Gen 2, 3 and 4 night vision devices), 1st generation night vision devices are the most well-liked selection for many folks outside of the military and police pressures, they do nonetheless have some imperfections when as compared to the higher generations. They intensify the existing light many thousand times letting you clearly see at , providing you a brilliant and sharp graphic, however you might see some fundamental qualities of a 1st Gen night vision devices that are normal and absolutely nothing to fret about, yet consist of an extremely small higher pitched whine when the tool is on and the picture you view could be a little fuzzy around the advantages, this is referred to as Geometric Distortion.

ATN Night Scout Gen 1+ 5x Specs:.

  • Infrared Illuminator: Criterion.
  • Zoom: 5x.
  • Intensifier Tube: 1st Gen +.
  • Detection Variety: 150m/y.
  • Recognition Range: 100m/y.
  • Lens System: F1:1.2, F90mm.
  • Diopter Adjustment: +/- 5.
  • Resolution: 40 lp/mm.
  • Power Supply: (2) CR123A 3V.
  • Variety of concentration: 6m to infinity.
  • Controls: Digital.
  • Battery Life: 10-20 hrs.
  • Operating Temperature: -40 C to +40 C.
  • Sizing: 9" x 6" x 2.5".
  • Weight: 3lbs.
  • Service warranty: 2 Year Limited Service warranty.