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Best Night Vision Scopes For Hog Hunting

Night vision scopes and goggles are vital to hunting hogs or coyote at night. Texas does permit the use of night vision devices in searching hogs, yet not every state does.

Equipping yourself with a good night vision scope for hog hunting at night. You can choose a Generation 1+ night vision scope for under $500, which is not less than a good day scope. If you're preparing on hunting hog, then choosing a night vision scope would be a good financial investment.

Thermal vs Night Vision Scope for Hog Hunting

Both night vision and thermal imaging assist a hunter in detecting, recognizing and identifying his targeted game animal. The choice of night vision and thermal imaging is weighted by several considerations.

1. Detecting Game

Thermal scopes detect radiation and do not need any visible light to produce an image. Animals generate heat and are warmer than their surroundings making it possible to detect them at great distances using thermal imaging. Night vision relies on at least some ambient light for making detection at great distances more difficult. If hunting at night the moon and stars should provide enough light for a night vision scope. In the absence of natural light, IR illuminators are used to generate light. They work like flashlights for night vision but are not visible to the naked eye. Night vision cannot be used in bright light because it will damage the intensifier tubes that make a night vision scope work.

night vision scopes for hog hunting

2. Recognizing and Identifying Game

In thermal imaging, the live object can easily be detected. you can see through crops or fog while hunting. but, recognizing and identifying what animal is it at a great distance is more difficult. while in night vision, your target is easier to recognize and identify and to harvest. As a rule, the target game is more easily recognized and identified and to hunting hog using the night vision.

What to look for when buying night vision scope for hog hunting

1. Resolution

With higher resolution, you can clearly define an object within your viewing screen. Otherwise, the lower resolution makes the target more distorted and pixelated that lead to a higher change to missed the target.

2. Refresh rate

Most scope come in 30 or 60-hertz refresh rate. The higher refresh rate the more lifelike the image on your screen will be.

3. Zoom

There is two type of zoom, optical and digital zoom. Optical zoom focus using optical built inside the unit. While digital zoom use software to focus on an area to make the image closer. The fact is digital zoom reduce the image resolution.

4. Reticle options

This is crosshair or aiming point to help you targetting. The reticle that manufacture use varies from thick crosshair to fine dot (and combination). Some scope gives the user a choice what reticle to be used within the scope.

5. Battery life

Most scopes use lithium-ion batteries which should last 8 hours on single charge. But it can vary depending on brand and technology used. Choose rifle scope with spare batteries, or 1-hour charger.

Best Thermal Scopes for Long Range Hog Hunting

Below is the best thermal scope for great distance and still get a good images:
Pas-15 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • quick release ARMS 17 mount
  • records HD thermal video (SD card & video out)
  • long range lens
  • durable lens cap
  • real time 60hz refresh rate
X27 Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope
  • clip on, standalone or hand held
  • night vision filter
  • flip up lens cap
  • real time 30hz refresh rate
  • waterproof up to 66

Cheapest Thermal Scopes for Hog Hunting

Below is the best thermal scope for the money:
T14-X Low Cost Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • real time 60hz refresh rate
  • records HD thermal video (SD card & video out)
  • 3 reticles to choose from
  • 8 color and B&W palettes
X26 Low Cost Flir Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • real time 30hz refresh rate
  • human detection 1000 meters+
  • video output
  • 50mm lens

Best Military Spec Night Vision Rifle Scopes for Hog Hunting

Below is the best thremal imaging rifle scope for military purpose, lawn enforcement and for hunting:
L3 Lwts Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • 1 - 15x zoom lens
  • HD real time video in/out for remote viewing
  • military grade housing
  • clip on, stand alone or hand held
Flir T60 Atws Trijicon Thermal Scope
  • clip on & HD DFOV (dual field of view)
  • works with day scopes for night vision capability
  • VGA display & video out
  • NVG compatible laser
Renegade 320 Thermal Rifle Scope
  • video output cable
  • picatinny rail mount
  • external 12VDC power port
  • cigarette lighter vehicle adapter plug
Nvws-6 Night Vision Rifle Scope
  • mil dot reticle
  • water resistant
  • uses 2 AA batteries
  • 6x magnification

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