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Best Night Vision Scopes Under $1000

Best Night Vision Scopes Under $1000

The first time, find the best night vision scope.$1,000 is a low price for a night vision scope, but not for your wallet.

To avoid overspending on a subpar product that doesn't meet your needs, take your time and read credible reviews.

We tracked down the best night vision scopes and wrote a complete buyer's guide.

Reviews of the Best Night Vision Scopes Under $1000

1. Firefield NVRS 3×42 Night Vision Riflescope—Best Overall

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The Firefield NVRS Night Vision Riflescope is a great night vision riflescope under $1,000. It includes crystal-clear optics and an adjustable brightness reticle that make hitting your target easier than ever.

The scope's AA batteries are straightforward to change, so you won't worry about them running out. This optic is good, but not ideal.

It has only an x3 magnification setting and is heavy for a night vision scope. It's our #1 night vision scope under $1,000, and it allows you to save money for expert mounting!


  • Great mix of performance and price
  • Adjustable reticle brightness
  • Crisp optics
  • Easy to replace AA batteries
  • Good 150-meter range


  • Only one magnification setting: x3
  • On the heavier side

2. Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope

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Sightmark Wraith HD Digital Riflescope is great. This scope sets images and movies, making it unique. However, its view is sharper.

Beginners may struggle with the second focal plane reticle. This scope has two magnification ranges, daytime and nighttime settings, and can be used anywhere!


  • Two magnification ranges to choose from
  • Well under $1,000
  • Daytime mode
  • Can take photos and record videos


  • Only comes with a second focal plane reticle
  • Small field of view

3. theOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Night Scope — Premium Choice

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TheOpticGuru ATN X-Sight-4k Night Scope is a great choice. You may choose from two magnification ranges, and the video turns on when your rifle recoils, so you always receive film from each shot.

This sight may stream and record via Wi-Fi without any issues. However, this site has certain drawbacks.

First, while the price is under $1,000, installation may push you beyond your budget. Second, the scope is huge. If you know what you're getting, that's fine, however, installing this on a lesser rifle may cause issues.


  • Two magnification ranges
  • Recoil-activated video—no need to turn it on and off.
  • Can stream and record without any negative effects
  • Excellent optics are easy to see through


  • Closer to the max budget — still under $1,000
  • Large scope

4. Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope

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The Night Owl Optics Night Vision Riflescope is an excellent value.Cycle through three reticle options. It uses AA batteries, which are easy to replace, so carrying a few extra batteries is no problem.

It only has 3x magnification. Its range is 90 meters, which is short.


  • Three different reticle options
  • Affordably priced
  • Uses AA batteries that are easy to change


  • Only one magnification setting: x3Shorter 90-meter range

5. Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope

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The Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope is ideal for sharing your view. This scope is not typical. This requires a typical rifle scope!

It is, however, a cost-effective solution that allows you to convert your view to night vision and broadcast it to a 5′′ screen for the group.Even better, it has a quick-adjust focus ring that gives you great clarity as you change the magnification on your scope.

The attachment is amazing, however, it's not a night vision scope.


  • Affordably priced
  • Comes with a 5″ display screen that is easy to see
  • Easy to adjust focus ring


  • You need to mount it to a traditional scope

6. Sniper Night Vision Scope

This night vision scope has great range and records in 1080p. The 300-meter range is among the best at this price. Still, it's expensive and more about broadcasting than shooting.

If you don't mind a lack of versatility, this could be the best night vision scope for broadcasting.


  • Records video in 1080p
  • It comes with both a day and night vision mode
  • 300-meter night vision range


  • More costly for what you get
  • scope crosshairs divider 2

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Night Vision Scopes Under $1000

Reading reviews can be daunting if you don't know what you want. We created this guide to help you before and after you purchase a night vision scope.

Determine the Purpose of Your Scope.

You might wish to do some night shooting or check out the trail at night. Choosing a scope depends on your goals.

Do you want a first- or second-focal-plane reticle for night vision hunting? The reticle might benefit from adjustable brightness.

If you want to show off your night vision, pick a scope with photo and video capabilities. These aren't found in every night vision scope, but they're useful for seeing a variety of things.

If you mount these scopes to a rifle, you'll lose their daytime capabilities or need a daytime scope. If you want to record what you see at night without shooting, try a night vision adapter like the Bestsight DIY Digital Night Vision Scope. It's not a scope, but you can remove it during the day and record whatever you view at night!

Batteries Matter

Take notice of the batteries used in a night vision scope. Some batteries last longer but cost more or are difficult to find and replace.

We prefer AA-powered scopes. They're cheaper, easier to find, and need to be replaced more regularly. When using night vision, your scope's batteries will drain quickly.

Sighting in Your Scope

Sighting a night vision scope is significantly more difficult than sighting a rifle scope.Night vision scopes can't see paper targets at the range!

Fortunately, there are two popular ways to sight in your new scope. One option is to purchase a night vision target to sight your scope on your paper target.Buy reflective tape. Tape the center and shot of your target.

Unless your night vision scope includes a daytime option, never sight it in during the day! Night vision scopes can be damaged by daytime use.

Mounting Your Scope

Before buying a scope, be sure it fits your rifle. Scopes are rail-mounted, so check your rifle's mounting system. Picatinny, weaver, and dovetail rails are popular mounting systems.

The Effective Range

Before buying, consider the effective range of night vision scopes, which are shorter than standard scopes. The shortest range is 90 meters, or 300 feet.

The longest-range alternatives have a 300-meter range, or around 330 yards or 1,000 feet. Those stats are remarkable, but they don't compare to top-end scopes with over 30x magnification!

Keep in mind that those ranges are for night vision scopes under $1,000; however, night vision scopes over $3,000 can have much longer effective ranges.

Optics are still important.

Night vision scopes' added features, like effective ranges and recording capabilities, can be tempting. Don't neglect the basics with these scopes.

Ultimately, optics matter most. A clear view lets you distinguish objects. Top-end and low-end optics differ greatly.

Our selection includes devices with good optics, but they won't compete with the $3,000 options.


Firefield NVRS 3×42 Night Vision Riflescope is the best night vision scope under $1,000. It's one of the best for the money, adaptable, and can handle almost anything.

These reviews should have helped you choose the Firefield scope or any fantastic night vision scope.