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Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle Gen 1+.

The Armasight Vega is a cost effective and capable head-mounted Gen 1+ night vision device. It weighs 0.54 pounds and includes flip-up headgear.

The headgear is comfy and enables you to place the Armasight Vega over either eye. The consisted of lens cap fits safely over the external lens to secure the Vega's optics. This night vision device does not have an automatic safety system that avoids unexpected brilliant light from harming the optics and briefly blinding the user, so turning it on in daytime without its safety lens cover might harm its optics.

Armasight Vega

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Unlike a lot of Gen 1 night vision devices, the Armasight Vega does not rely exclusively on enhancing ambient light to offer night vision. This validates the Gen 1+ classification of the device's intensifier tube. While the short-range infrared illuminator is a significant downside, Armasight likewise provides an optional long-range illuminator for the Vega.

The optics in the night vision goggles is made of multicoated heavy glass. This significantly restricts its efficient seeing range and highlights the restrictions of its Gen 1 night vision technology.

The Armasight Vega is a low-priced night vision device that provides appropriate efficiency for a Gen 1 device and is most appropriate for enthusiasts. It is rugged however not water-proof, has great optics and consists of a comfy, adjustable headgear install total with a chin strap.