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Bushnell Night Vision 2.5 x42 Monoculars Review

Whilst the advertising lingo on the Bushnell night vision site that claims "These optics turn night into day" is stretching the reality, for a Gen 1 Night Vision Device the Bushnell 2.5 x42 Night Vision Monocular does provide outstanding night vision at an extremely competitive expense.

This Bushnell Night Vision Scope (Model No: 26-0200) has a great 42mm Objective lens for collecting any light offered along with a respectable 2.5 x magnigication, about average for a lot of night vision binoculars and monoculars. They have a terrific close focus of range of 4ft (1.2 m) and can see items approximately 600ft (183 meters) away.

Dual Infrared illuminator

All night vision devices requires some light to work, they can depend on simply the moon or stars for light, however if there is no external light readily available the integrated dual-level (low-intensity and high) infrared illuminator will certainly enable you to see even in the darkest conditions. They do this by sending a beam of infra-red light that is not noticeable to the human eye, however is gotten by the night vision gadget.

Bushnell Night Vision 2.5 x42 Monoculars

Lightweight & Compact

The rugged compact design of these Bushnell Night Vision 2.5 x42 monoculars suggests that they easily suit the palm of your hand. The consisted of hand strap makes them simple to hold, in a comparable method as you would a camcorder. To power the monoculars they take 2AA batteries and have a mount for tripod use and feature a bring case.

Total I would state that for the rate they provide exceptional value for cash and make a perfect chap night vision gadget for lots of applications consisting of camping, observing nighttime wildlife too asfor some security monitoring utilizes like nightime storage facility and garden security that is sneaky, something that no flashlight can provide.

How night vision deals with the Bushnell 2.5 x42 night vision monocular:

1. Image intensifier tube

2. Phosphor screen (like a monochrome TELEVISION screen).

3. Goal lens.

4. Infrared illuminator.

Any offered light (energy) is gathered by the unbiased lens (3) and concentrated on the image intensifier (1), Inside the intensifier a photocathode is "thrilled" by the light and transforms the energy into electrons. When you look through the monocular, the electrons speed up throughout an electrostatic field inside the intensifier and strike a phosphor screen (2) which discharges an image that you can see.


For a great pair of night vision binoculars, have a look at the ATN Night Scout Night Vision Binoculars, or if you desire goggles that you can fit to your face for hands complimentary use, the ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles deserve thinking about.

Main Highlights:.

  • Gen 1 Monocular.
  • Built-in dual-level infrared illuminator.
  • 2.5 x zoom.
  • Integral hand-strap.
  • Fits conveniently in palm.
  • Ideal for camping, night fishing and boating, security, wildlife observation, checking out caves.

Main Specifications & Features:.

  • Magnification: 2.5 x.
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm.
  • Waterproof: No.
  • Close Focus Distance: 4.0 ft.
  • Length: 6.7 in (17cm).
  • Height: 2.7 in (6.9 cm).
  • Width: 3.7 in (9.4 cm).
  • Field of View: 79ft at 1,000 lawns.
  • Image Stabilization: No.
  • Extra Low Dispersion Glass: No.
  • Auto Focus: No.