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Elcan SpecterDR Review

Essential to keep in mind, the scope is not a one to 4 zoom optic, however rather a one or 4. The shooter moves the external lever to turn an internal mirror that rotates in between 4 times zoom and no zoom.

Many scopes at 4 times zoom have a field of vision approximately 18 to 20 feet in width. The Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x has a 34.2-foot FOV at 4x, and a 146.3-foot FOV with no zoom. For competitors and battle shooters, this huge FOV offers an amplified sight image without restricting their peripheral vision and situational awareness.

The Elcan SpecterDR crucial edge is its optical quality. The optical quality of the Specter permitted me to swiftly recognize, engage and reduce the effects of targets out to 750 backyards with a 4 zoom scope.

elcan specterdr review
How on Earth did I make 500 plus lawn shots with a 5.56 mm carbine and a 4x scope? The optical clearness was greatly practical, however it was the mix of that with the Elcan's bullet drop compensator reticle.

When shooters manage the Elcan SpecterDR for the very first time, it's instantly obvious that it is planned for difficult use. Exactly what makes these scopes so rugged is their mix of accuracy and simple building.

Conventional scopes that permit users to alter zoom by progressively moving internal element differ the optical train over the variety of change and can break down image quality over time. External modifications enable the scope maker to completely enhance the positioning for the predetermined points for ideal image quality regardless of zoom.

It's crucial to keep in mind that some shooters reported a point of effect shift when altering zoom, though the cause of this is due to user mistake. The scope has no considerable POI shift if zeroed at the greatest zoom.

To check the effectiveness of the quick-change zoom as well as the optic's use and quality, I mounted it on my SIG 516 Carbon TS and ran a number of 3-gun matches with it. The sight served me well however I discovered that throughout the match I kept the optic on complete zoom with the exception of the classifier phase where targets were just a couple of feet away.

If a shooter is trying to find a big FOV and fantastic optical quality, however has no requirement for adjustable zoom, they can conserve a lots of cash by buying the dealt with zoom variation of the SpecterDr, the SpecterOS 4x.

The OS variation consists of almost every function as the SpecterDR conserve for the adjustable zoom and integrated backup iron sights. Both scopes mount to a conventional Picatinny rail VIA an ARMS lever quick-attach mount.

With an MSRP of $2,184 for the SpecterDR and $1,254 for the SpecterOS4x, neither Elcan scope is low-cost. Shooters who desire an ultra-bright, battle-proven optic with unparalleled adaptability will certainly have a tough time discovering a less costly option, because absolutely nothing else comes close. Recreational or casual shooters may not get their complete cash's worth purchasing either of these scopes compared with somebody who actively lugs a weapon or contends into damage's way.However, neither group of gun owner might blame a missed out on shot on not having the ability to successfully see a target with an Elcan mounted on their preferred rifle.