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Yukon Exelon 4x50 Night Vision Monocular Review

Yukon Advanced Optics is the biggest international producer and developer of customer night vision products and balances high quality with cost efficiency. This implies maximum efficiency, even in entry level variety products.

The Yukon Exelon designs benefit from utilizing Yukon's pioneering Gen Super/CF-Super image intensifier tubes and R-Contact lens system. These distinct functions significantly improve image quality throughout the whole field or view and resolutions comparable to entry level tubes.

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The Exelon 4x50 Night Vision Scope offers 4x image magnification, a 13' angular field of vision and a powerful built-in IR Illuminator which allows observation in extreme lowlight conditions, even in complete darkness. The Exelon series also showcases a sure-grip ABS plastic body with rubber inserts for additional hold and security.

Yukon Exelon 4x50 Night Vision Monocular
This effective night vision device is powered by a single 3V Lithium CR123A battery and has smooth, intuitive focusable goal and ocular lenses, and connected to the body objective lens cap. The scope runs both in the passive mode (without manufactured sources of light) and in active mode (with IR illuminator on). Switches come easily to hand and twin functional status LEDs illuminate red and green depending upon the active functions and alert the user needs to the device be accidently turned on.

Built-in twin 1/4" thread can be made use of for secure mounting to tripods or as accessory points for various accessories. This quality device can likewise be attached on a mount with laser tip and made use of as a night vision sight. This Night Vision Scope is totally self-contained and can work up to 50 hours on one CR123A battery at temperature levels from -30°C to +40°C . The Exelon 4x50 is developed for outdoor observation, guarding and surface orientation within a variety of natural night light - from twilight to total darkness.

See yukon exelon 4x50 test video

The Yukon Exelon 4 x50

To experience night viewing with boosted resolution and less distorted image, buy the Yukon Exelon 4 x 50 night vision monocular. This Yukon night vision optical gadget provides a high definition quality in object viewing during night time.

  • The Yukon Exelon 4 x 50 night vision optical device has a 4 x zoom lens which enables the viewer to see the item noticeably with no distortion of the image.
  • The inbuilt IR illuminator with sophisticated optical technology helps seeing in low light and even in complete darkness.
  • The Yukon night vision monocular is created with high powered optics for unique viewing.
  • The most substantial feature of the Yukon 24102 is the Generation 1 intensifier with high resolution and NVDs which provide an interesting night viewing experience. The round cathode in the Gen. 1 tube guarantees high resolution image with minimum distortion of image. The R Contact 50 mm lens together with the CF Super tube makes the image accurate and clear.
  • This Yukon 24102 night vision monocular runs on one CR 123 A battery with non stop viewing for 50 hour without the illuminator and 8 hours with the illuminator in operation.
  • This Yukon night vision scope can be mounted on the head or on the tripod. The rubber covered body enables this gizmo to be quickly gripped.

The Yukon Exelon 4 x 50 night vision optical device will make your night time outdoor activities thrilling. Night time experience sports with this device will certainly be really helpful.