Spy Net Ultra Night Vision Goggles

The Spy Net Ultra is a toy binocular that likewise functions as night vision goggles. It is a light-weight portable device that includes a thin strap for protecting the device around your neck.

The Spy Net Ultra is actually a night vision monocular with a plastic body. At the back, there are 2 eyepieces covered and conjoined by a rubber guard that not just makes it comfy to situated the goggles on your face however likewise keeps light from leaving the system. In between the lens and the eyepieces is a set of vibrant switches for running the goggles, as well as a microSD slot.

Spy Net Ultra Night Vision Goggles
Offering night vision, this device has 3 other visual modes: Daytime Surveillance to see everything in complete color, Ghost Recon to turn the view ghostly white and black and Thermal Tech that imitates heat vision. In full darkness, the night vision mode enables you to see up to 50 feet thanks to the 2 integrated infrared illuminators.

In addition to its visual modes, this night vision device likewise has a long-range mode and short-range mode in addition to record and playback modes. The night vision goggles can take images and record videos even in overall darkness. These minimize a microSD card, and users can move these images to a computer system.

While the Spy Net Ultra has a real night vision system, other functions such as thermal imaging and ghost reconnaissance are just visual tricks attained with lens filters. The images it takes are blurred, and tape-recorded videos have a low VGA resolution. This night vision device carries out very well for a toy kitchen appliance, and it offers lots of enjoyable for children and grownups alike.

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