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The Dangers of Night Driving Glasses

It is an all too typical false impression that yellow tinted or yellow polarized night driving glasses are helpful for night time driving. In truth, when driving at night or sunset in currently restricted lighting conditions, ANY tint additionally minimizes the quantity of light transferred to the eye, and as a result, additional hinders vision.

Night Driving Glasses

"Yellow 'Night Driving' lenses have actually been revealed to offer no advantage in seeing capability at night. Numerous marketers have actually made unproven claims for the capability of amber to enhance night vision. While yellow lenses can be efficient for foggy or hazy daytime conditions, they are not efficient versus headlight glare and must not be used at sunset or night.

"So-called night driving glasses are usually amber tinted eyeglasses suggested to minimize the glare of approaching headlights. While they might make the driver feel more comfy, they likewise decrease the users exposure of the darker parts of the highway."-- Sunglass Association of America

The finest choice for night time driving is a pair of spectacles with clear lenses and an AR coating. It is crucial to keep in mind, if a client does not generally use spectacles, AR layered lenses, or any other type of night driving glasses will certainly not enhance night vision, as AR finishes just reduce aberrations that are fundamental in ophthalmic lenses and night driving glasses will merely serve to present those abberations to the user's vision.

Tips for ideal night time driving vision:

  • Make sure eyes are analyzed frequently
  • Always put on an updated prescribed
  • Lenses used ought to be clear with an AR coating
  • Ensure lenses are clean
  • Ensure windshield is clean
  • Ensure headlights are clean and correctly lined up

Accountable dispensers of ophthalmic lenses must prevent using tinted, polarized, or photochromic lenses in night time or sunset driving conditions and not take part in solicitation or advertising of so-called night driving glasses by careless producers.

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