5 High-tech Helmets

In no distinct order, listed below are 5 Motorcycle Helmets which have raised the bar in Technologies.

Wearable Tech is producing headway in 2018 as well as the Motorcycle market is maintaining pace with these new high-tech helmets.

1. Reevu – A HUD Motorcycle Helmet

Initial up will be the Reevu HUD Helmet. The Helmet was design and style with style in thoughts too solving an issue that plagues most street biker riders - not getting in a position to view behind you. The “rear-view mirror” located in vehicles and trucks will not translate effectively in to the style of a motorcycle. And also the two tiny small side mirrors do not appear to become capable to supply hardly sufficient rear road visibility.

Enter the Reevu. Security, comfort, and low street/wind noise are higher priorities for the makers of this high-tech motorcycle helmet. The HUD (or Heads-up-Display) delivers a real-time show of what's going on behind you. Basically, this helmet bends the travel of any light each of the way about the shell on the helmet - just just like the mirror inside a auto. Motorcycle racing sports get probably the most advantage out of this innovation.

2. Lightmode Helmets – EL Wire Motorcycle Helmets

Improve your road visibility by adding added lighting for your motorcycle helmet. Wireless LED kits for converting your favourite helmet are obtainable to in several colors and and controller choice.

3. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets – Make your music mobile.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have constructed in speakers to listen for your favourite music around the go.

Some producers like Torc provide them installed in the factory, and kits are accessible to convert your preferred custom motorcycle helmet into a beat-box road worthy lid.

4. Livemap – The GPS & HUD Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet combines GPS capabilities and a Heads-up-display system with a voice controlled interface. Did you say GPSHUDVC? Yes, yes I did.

GPS + HUD + Voice Control = Awesome.

5. Bluetooth Headsets – Partner Communication

Why get your self a brand new helmet whenever you can upgrade your very own with some technologies in the 21st. century. Unless you happen to be among the cafe-racer hipster kinds, then all you may need some some great beard oil.

Going on a lengthy ride along with your companion? Maybe you would like to chat with an additional biker within the group regarding the sights along the way. Bluetooth earbuds are also producing this less difficult each day.

By hooking up a Bluetooth headset you'll be able to. Models differ in size and price.

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