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AB Night Vision MOD3 Bravo Monocular Modular Night Vision Monocular

The MOD3 Bravo Monocular is a part of the MOD3 Bravo modular Evening Vision Goggle method. It's an really robust, lightweight evening vision monocular. The waterproof optic pod might be separated in the energy provide and attached to a MOD3 Bravo Bridge and second optic pod to make a binocular evening vision device. The Optic Pod and energy provide hot shoe collectively with gold-plated contacts for any robust, waterproof circuit. The extremely dense polymer physique housing is among the strongest around the market place, and can give years of tough use service.

AB Night Vision MOD3 Bravo Monocular Modular Night Vision Monocular
The MOD3 Bravo utilizes regular PVS-14 Eyepiece and Objective Lens assemblies. We assemble your MOD3 Bravo with completely milspec elements to make sure the strongest feasible device. The energy provide module includes a built-in IR Illuminator and is powers the monocular having a single three Volt CR123 Lithium Battery. In addition, it functions a threaded insert that can accept a regular PVS-14 J-Arm, for use in mounting to a helmet.

The MOD3 Bravo Monocular is accessible in diverse configurations. The normal version utilizes Automatic Brightness Manage to automatically adjust the image brightness. It's also offered with manual obtain manage - providing the user the capability to adjust the brightness. Subsequent, the optics might be common or C-Mount. C-Mount supplies a quick-detach camera lens adapter interface. It permits the user to eliminate the lenses and attach other lenses for use in other applications like photography.

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