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GSCI PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular Generation 3

GSCI PVS-14C Night Vision Monocular Generation 3

The PVS14 is loaded with special characteristics and virtually surpasses essentially the most well-liked and major brands. Equipped with good quality optics and choose grade Image Intensifier Tubes, the PVS14 is really a Actual Performer.

PVS14 constructed in accordance to GSCI proprietary LDH™ Notion (Light Tough Housing), has sturdy, sturdy, light weight physique and smallest in Market physical dimensions.

Even though 1 side of monocular comes with “dove tail” bracket, typically used in MUM-14 type systems, yet another side enables to connect PVS-14 type “J”-arm with magnetic switch. Furthermore, around the each sides in the monocular physique positioned 1/4-20 tripod threads which let to attach various optional accessories.
gsci pvs-14c

In an effort to attach monocular towards the head gear or helmet mount may be used either fundamental “J”-arm adapter-interface or GSCI proprietary, rugged, aluminum HUB-14 adapter. Monocular might be used with various “PVS-7/14” type head gears or helmet mount. Apart from limitless “hand held” applications, PVS14 may be used as “quick attach” weapon mountable NV Monocular. PVS14 accepts various afocal lenses 3X or 5X magnification.

Comes with battery, lens cup, lens tissue, soft carrying case. Constructed to order by manufacturer, ships in 2-5 enterprise days.

As per business common, some spots, dots, chicken wire or other cosmetic imperfections are permitted by tube companies for industrial grade image intensifier tubes (CGT). Milspec grade image intensifier tubes have larger requirements for cosmetic imperfections. Auto Gating can only be added to tubes with FOM 1600 and up.