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Best Night Vision Scope for Rat Hunting

Rodents in your garden, farm, or property can be a pain. They are harmful, invasive, and may harbor diseases; they are a nuisance whose population can quickly become out of control. So, which night vision scope is best for rats?

Air rifle ratting is an effective pest control method, and the best time to trap rats unawares is at night. You can use sensors on their body heat to spot these varmints in complete darkness with the best night vision scope. They even work during the day, when rays come out to play hide and seek under light cover or tall grasses with plenty of food.

With the best night vision scope for rats, you'll become the greatest rodent predator. Air rifle ratting presents unique obstacles, particularly when pest management is required at night. In this article, you'll learn about the features of the best NV kit to buy and what to avoid.

best night vision scope for rats

Which Pest Control Method Is Most Effective for Rats?

Rats are the most resilient and prolific animals, especially when they dwell near people. These rodents are not only capable of transmitting dangerous diseases, but they are also gregarious. That is, they exhibit kind and unselfish behavior, sharing limited food supplies and even liberating fellow citizens who are imprisoned. Their brains are similar to ours in that they learn through observation, have good working memory, and respond to stimuli.

Trapping or poisoning these varmints has drawbacks, including the possibility of poisoning pets or natural species in the process. To some extent, night-ratting with a beam is useful, but they quickly learn to avoid the telltale glow. With that in mind, you must outwit the rodent and employ stealth in the darkness to your advantage.

Because rats are mostly active at night, the best night vision scope for rats is required. However, they are crepuscular, meaning they are active around nightfall, giving you an hour or two of good ratting before absolute darkness. The caliber and brightness of your air gun optics are the main determinants of that.

Night vision equipment used to cost more than a few thousand dollars, making it out of reach for many hunters. Some NV rigs can cost many times as much as the most expensive rifles; however, like with other popular technologies, costs for the best kits have dropped significantly.

What Is the Best Rat Night Vision Scope?

Night vision scopes are classified into two types. Attachments to your day optics and digital NV sights that work in the dark and during the day are examples. While not for everyone, some aficionados have built their own rigs, introducing them to a whole new world of air shooting. This is due to the fact that rodents and other creatures are more active at night, when the impression of being unobtrusive or blending in is enhanced.

You won't be constrained by the amount of daylight available or state rules governing lamping. Your quarry will not learn to identify flashing lights with flying pellets, and suspicious neighbors will not continue to call the authorities or the landowner on you. That's why I've chosen the best night vision scope for rats, which includes both attached and digital day scopes that don't require re-zeroing.

My top choices for the best night vision scope for rats are as follows:

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

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The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart rifle scope is a high-end product that is suitable for all types of ratting. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide a dependable, highly adaptable, and simple-to-use NV kit. These optics offer a 5–20 X magnification and are suitable for both close-range and long-range shooting.

For absolute darkness and accurate shot placement, enhanced night vision brings concealed rodent prey into focus. Its HD sensor produces sharp and motion-sensitive images in any lighting condition and distance. This scope is well-built to survive the harsh outdoors, ensuring many years of field, barn, or shed ratting.

Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope

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Precision and power best describe the Sightmark Wraith Digital Night Vision Riflescope. It's the best night vision scope for rats, suitable for both day and night hunting thanks to its ultra-HD 4003000 digital CMOS sensor. This aids with low-light shooting and spotting targets up to 300 yards away.

During the day, the 3-24x magnification can be used for long-range detection, and the 3-24x magnification can be used to remove rats from across the yard. The 1280x720 monitor resolution produces clean, crisp visuals, and it incorporates an IR flashlight with a range of 200 yards at night. With its tough, aluminum housing, the Sightmark Wraith is built to last.

Night Owl Optics NightShot night vision riflescope

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The Night Owl Optics NightShot is the best budget-friendly night vision scope for rats. It's a scope with a detection range of 100 yards and 3X magnification that will help you catch rats. The focus range of the optics extends to infinity, with a 10-yard parallax adjustment from that distance. When shooting rodents in low-light conditions, you have built-in infrared illumination to aid your accuracy.

The 640x480 images are provided by a high-resolution display, and the three reticle lines improve target acquisition accuracy. The accompanying Picatinny or Weaver-compatible mounts let you mount the 1.3-pound Night Owl Optics NightShot. Because the portable scope is completely waterproof, you can use it without adding excessive weight to your firearm.


Consider the size and weight, magnification power, and field of view when selecting the best night vision scope for rats. It should have a clear display as well as a detection and recognition range to determine whether those shiny blobs are rodents or other animals. The scope's durability, as well as the addition of an infrared light, will provide you with pinpoint accuracy on your rodent targets, allowing you to avoid wasting pellets or startling prey.