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ATN Viper X-1

The ATN Viper X-1 is a small Gen 1 night vision device for outside lovers. This monocular is not just light-weight and compact however likewise has a headgear kit.

These goggles weigh 0.55 pounds and can serve both as a portable night vision device or a head-mounted monocular. They Viper is covered in a rubber install that makes it long lasting and weatherproof without substantially enhancing its weight. Having a two-button operation makes this device appealing to those who are utilizing night vision goggles for the very first time.

On one hand, the kit enables for hands-free use of the monocular. The Viper X-1 runs on a single CR123A battery and has actually covered all-glass optics. The night vision device likewise has a 1x magnification, however that can be extended to 4x or 8x with optional accessories.

ATN Viper X-1
ATN chooses to call the Viper X-1 a Gen 1+ night vision goggle. Compared to image intensifier tubes in its generation, the intensifier in the Viper is not large. It likewise decreases the kind of geometric distortion typical with Gen 1 intensifier tubes by providing flat field images.

All these enhancements on the basic Gen 1 innovation is praiseworthy, however they do not make the ATN Viper X-1 carry out along with a Gen 2 night vision device. On one hand, it is light-weight, simple to utilize, and enhances on outdated Gen 1 goggles. On the other hand, it deals with the exact same dependability problems that pestered Gen 1 gadgets, and the consisted of headgear produces a bad fit.