ATN BinoXS-HD Night Vison Digital HD Binocular

4x Smart HD Optics Day/Night Binocular



Come see the latest in Smart HD Optics. The ATN BinoXS-HD binoculars are packed with so many features you will never want to use standard binoculars again. 24/7 use, WiFi, smooth zoom, record video/take photos, compass and much more.
BinoX binoculars are the worlds most advanced digital binoculars. Powered by a 1 GHz internal computer they carry a suite of sensors to enable the Senses as never before. BinoXS-HD — the binoculars for the 21st century.

Key Features:

  • Day & Night - The Bino-X HD puts your world in crystal clear view, day or night, with its unique daytime view and night vision mode.
  • Obsidian Core & UI - Built using the most cutting-edge technologies known, the Bino-X HD Obsidian Core, an integral computer, offers you the fastest and most powerful processor around. Boasts lightning fast speed and lag-free performance. Speed and high-resolution are at your command with just the touch of a button.
  • Video Recording/Take Photos - Its advanced image processing delivers high-quality images and videos with unrivalled resolution and quality: 4× Optical + 16× Digital Zoom; 1920×1080 Full HD and Image Stabilization. The Bino-X full HD recording system takes still images and HD video letting you share your latest adventures with your buddies at the lodge or your family back home. All you need to do is connect to an HD TV to relive your adventure in stunning HD detail.
  • Smart HD Channel -  We make it easier than ever to capture and share your videos with your friends and family back home and online.
  • Smooth Zoom - The Bino-X HD Smooth Zoom feature allows you a seamless distraction-free zoom that feels so natural — you’ll forget you’re even looking through binoculars.
  • Ergonomics - The Bino-X HD’s ergonomically designed housing and eyepiece feels refined, luxurious and relaxing allowing you to use it all day and all night without grip or eye fatigue.
  • Gyroscope -  Improve ability to smoothly spot game by activating the built-in gyroscope & image stabilization! Steady your view and make the experience a lot of more fun!
  • E-Compass - A 3 Dimensional magnetometer sensor creates a handy electronic compass inside your binoculars, while continuously tracking the precise direction you are looking at. The electronic compass helps you navigate, whether you are on the move or stationary.
  • Geotag - Geotagging has never been easier and more seamless. Record and track everywhere you've been and see it on an interactive map. Whether you are hunting or touring the Grand Canyon - now you can record exactly where your adventures took you.
  • GPS - Know where you are going and where you’ve been with the Bino-X’s built-in GPS device.
  • Altitude - Track your elevation at whichever heights you choose to conquer! Know precisely your position, take photos/videos and Geotag them for those perfect memories and share them with your friends and family.
  • Intuitive User Interface - The interface is designed to make set up and use easy and intuitive. Shortcut menus facilitate access to your most frequent commands. All the important scales of the 3D rotation are displayed at the edge of the screen so as to not interfere with your vision. You and your friend or family member can simultaneously experience that epic vista or together spot that trophy buck standing on a distant ridge line.
  • WiFi - Share your adventures immediately with the Bino-X HD WiFi module. Quickly connect the binocular to a smartphone or tablet using our iOS and Android app. You and your friend or family member can simultaneously experience that epic vista or together spot that trophy buck standing on a distant ridgeline
  • Weather Resistance - Your next adventure is calling you. Don’t let rain, snow or mud stop you. The Bino-X HD is tough like you are and has a weather resistant housing made for the rugged outdoors and extreme conditions it calls home.


Generation Smart HD Optics
Magnification 4-16x
Sensor Resolution 1080p
Displays 1 megapixel
Operation Day/Night
Obsidian Core 1 GHz
Diopter adjustment ±5
SD Card 4 to 32 Gb
Video out 1080p / 30 fps, 720p / 60 fps
Remote Viewfinder via Android or IOS app
Operating temperature -22°F to +140°F / -30°C to +60°C
Ports Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Micro SD
Power 3 CR123 Batteries (accepts rechargeable)
Day / Night
Record video/Take photos
Smooth zoom
Total Darkness Mode (100 yds)
Micro USB, Micro HDMI, Micro SD
Video mode (1080P)
* Specifications are provided for informational purposes only. Actual values may vary

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