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EoTech 512 A65 Review | Most Popular Holographic Sight

The Eotech 512 is the most common holographic sighting weapon designed for close-range combat. Uses a square body and square lenses, with an open style, making it easy for the consumer to see through the eyesight. This presents a wider field of vision for the gunman, which enables a better spatial perception to be retained.

EoTech 512 A65 review

EoTech 512 A65 Review

First Impression of Eotech 512

Eotech's optics come enclosed in a waterproof silicone case, with foam cutouts fitted for optics. Mounting the Eotech is very convenient and easy to do. There's no play with the optic when it's assembled. The optic comes with a manual of directions and a lens cloth.

The Eotech 512 is fitted with two double-A batteries and is mounted in the forward section of the optic. The Eotech 512 battery life ranges from 1,000 hours with lithium batteries to 600 hours with regular batteries. The holographic reticle is a lot more complex than the red dot optic, so it takes a little more battery power. The optic has a low battery warning that causes the reticle to blink multiple times while the optic is initiated.

EoTech 512 A65 Range

The Eotech 512 is built for shooting in 200 yards. Reticle consists of an outer rim of 68 MOA, with an inner dot of 1 moa. The Rifle range is three distinct levels with objectives ranging from 3 to 300 yards. Radius is widely used for 3 gun and IDPA tournaments, so it's well suited for running and firing.

Indirect contact, the A65 reticle is surprisingly easy to use. From a low ready to a complete presentation, we've been able to put the rounds on target in less than a second. Eotech works better with your eyes opened, this puts a reticle on your vision.

Final Thoughts

The Eotech 512.A65 has done extremely well. The A65 reticle is quick, but adds a bit of usability to the optic and proxy your tool. One of the biggest drawbacks and compromises of this optic is its poor battery life. The lack of a night vision mode is a strong drawback to anyone who might one day wish to own the night.