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Best Gen 2 Night Vision Scopes In 2023

Best Gen 2 Night Vision scope

Generations of night vision scopes are available for advanced night vision devices. Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 night vision scopes have various products. After reading our article on the best Gen 2 night vision scopes, you have several options to consider.

However, we have reviewed some of the best Gen 2 night vision equipment to help you focus on hunting. However, choose night vision gadgets recommended by specialists. This lets you pick the best product for your work.

Let's choose the correct night vision Gen 2 gadgets to make your work and money worthwhile!

What are Gen 2 night vision scopes?

The small Gen2 night vision scope has night vision compatibility and better magnification and resolution than other manufacturers.

Three-dimensional zoom magnification allows for 400X magnification. It works with month-long batteries. Traveling or camping with this handheld device is easy.

Best Night Vision Scopes for Generation 2

AGM Global Vision Night Vision Gen 2 NVG Military Grade

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One of the best night vision monoculars for covert missions is the AGM Global Vision Night Vision Monocular, which can be taken with you and has a fixed mount.

These are made of lightweight and durable polymer, making them comfortable and easy to use while still performing well. It includes a wide viewing angle, adjustable focus, and high image resolution for bright and dim settings.

This monocular zooms to 6x and has a 1,000-meter range. It records video and audio to SD cards.

Its tiny monocular design makes it ideal for stealthy observation and tracking operations in tight spaces.

The AGM Global Vision is simpler and more durable than other monoculars. When traveling, its wide-viewing lens and no moving parts are necessary.

The best handheld NVG monocular for covert observation and monitoring


  • Compact Size
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Best For Civilian Use


  • Bad Customer Support

Night Vision Monocular Military Tactical Gen 2

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The tiny and lightweight DM2021 is a superb military night vision monocular. At 5 ounces, it's tiny. It's easy to carry. Its best feature is its brightness range of 1% to 90%.

Thus, you can tune it to your desired brightness without worrying about whether it will be bright enough. It can also turn off when too bright. To avoid vision strain, you can switch between three brightness levels.

For close-up and long-distance viewing, the eyepiece rotates 360 degrees. However, its field of view is limited to 50 degrees horizontally.

Its excellent 6x zoom lens allows you to see items at varying distances. At its peak, you can see 1,200 ft. To see people, vehicles, animals, and weaponry in the dark, it detects heat signatures.

One of its best features is that it can be mounted on a camera or camcorder to serve as a night-vision camera.


  • For Military Use
  • Automatic Brightness
  • Value For Money


  • No Auto Turn Off

AGM Global Vision Model PVS-7 NL2 Gen 2 Scope

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AGM Global Vision's PVS-7 head-mounted rifle scope is rugged and versatile.

It has a tiny, lightweight aluminum body and straightforward, ergonomic controls. Its sturdy design, high resolution, ample eye relief, and fast-eye focus technology make it a great choice for precision sharpshooters and action shooters alike.

It has fully multi-coated glass (24–30x magnification) and anti-fog/sweat fog technology. It also uses AGM's unique variable focusing (VF) mechanism for fast zeroing and an uninterrupted field of view.

Its dual reticle system allows daytime and nighttime use. The PVS-7 has a parallax adjustment for different shooting applications.

The PVS-7 is ideal for CQB, law enforcement, the military, and SWAT due to its anti-reflective coatings.

Thus, you can use it with an AGM spotting scope as a spotting scope or rifle-mounted optic, combining power and portability.


  • Can Be Used Roughly
  • Easy To Operate
  • Built In Infrared Illuminator


  • Not For Commercial Use

AGM Global Vision Foxbat 5 NL3 Gen 2 Scope

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AGM's Foxbat NL3 is the ideal night vision device for outdoor applications.

The Foxbat NL3 is a flexible night vision bi-ocular with 5x magnification, clear, comfortable eye relief, sturdy housing, superb picture quality, and adjustable focus for viewing terrestrial and celestial objects from 0–60 m.

This "scope in a-day vision equipment has a white light-emitting diode illuminator that can be adjusted to fit ambient lighting for a bright view.

Adjust the sensitivity, field of view, and focus range, and the Foxbat will automatically turn on and off. Low-light night vision illuminates the target without blinding the user.

It also blends into urban and rural settings. A weather-resistant casing protects it. When not in use, this scope folds. This is more advanced than expensive night vision scopes.


  • Super Fast
  • Versatile Design
  • Comfortable To Use


  • Little Bit Heavy

AGM Global Vision Comanche-22 NL2 Medium Range Night Vision

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Amazon sells another cheap yet effective night vision device, the Comanche-22. It's great for novice hunters and shooters.

It has three major advantages over competitors. It's lighter than most NVGs. It's compact and lightweight and can be worn on the belt, in a vest, or on a rifle sling.

Though pricey, it is one of the most powerful and adaptable night vision instruments. It may be mounted on any day scope or optic with a magnification of 3x or more due to its compact size.

It also has a 50-meter range at full brightness. It is suitable for long-range night hunting. This scope is suitable for close-range and indoor use, especially when a big field of view is needed.

The Comanche-22 is great night vision equipment for night hunters.


  • Simple To Use
  • No Re-Zeroing Required
  • Quick Release Mount


  • Simple Design


Many scopes and guns lack basic night vision gear, which is difficult to find. This is important when buying a scope. For your convenience, we have chosen the best Gen 2 night vision scopes.