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Pulsar DFA 75 Review

The Pulsar Forward DFA75 is the current cutting-edge digital night vision from Pulsar.
It can transform your day riflescope into digital night vision weapon sight by installing it in front of your regular day scope.

Pulsar DFA75 is best for the hunter looking to convert their day vision scope to a night vision scope. It clips onto the bell of any day vision scope.

You can attach the adaptor to your riflescope bell with cover ring adaptor system. Choose the 42, 50 or 56mm adaptor, to quick and easy swap your DFA75 from rifle to rifle with no loss of zero.

The DN42 if your day scopes bell measures 47-50 mm in diameter, the DN50 for 55-59 mm bells and the DN56 for large 60-65 mm bells.

The Pulsar DFA75 includes video output to record your night vision sessions, a detachable infrared illuminator, wireless remote control, and an available external power supply.  Onscreen features include a low battery indicator, built-in clock, horizon adjustment function and gain controls to fine tune the image as conditions change. 

The DFA 75 has an impact resistant glass make it shock resistant to 6000 Joules, enough to handle recoil from a .375 cartridge.  Built for tough outdoor use, your weather-resistant DFA75 can be used day or night - bright lights won’t damage it.

Have more than one day scope that you’d like to use at night? Extra clip-on bayonet adapters can be purchased for quick swaps between all your day scopes. Simply leave the bayonet adapter attached to your day scope’s bell and clip your Pulsar DFA75 in place when the going gets dark. And of course, to protect your day scope’s lens from dust and scratches the bayonet adapters include integrated flip-up lens caps.

Pulsar DFA 75 Review

  • 50 lp/mm system resolution.
  • SumLight signal processing.
  • Precision ground, completely multi-coated optics.
  • 50mm/ f1.0 unbiased lens.
  • High resolution 640x480 OLED display screen.
  • When fitted to a riflescope, 1x power.
  • Converts into a 10x Hand-Held Digital NV Monocular (making use of Pulsar 10x32 daytime monocular).
  • Built-in undetectable Laser IR Illuminator with three-step power modification licensed to fulfill Class 1 laser security.
  • 1.5 x digital zoom.
  • Video-out socket for tape-recording the shot to a Newton CVR640, Yukon MPR or comparable.
  • Programmable cordless push-button control.
  • Huge lighting operation variety 0.00004 lux - 30,000 lux,. Can be utilized in daytime for taping your shot.
  • Self-contained (4x AA batteries) or external power supply (Pulsar EPS3 and EPS5 battery pack).
  • Impact resistant glass fertilized composite body.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Quick launch install.
  • Very large and water-proof temperature level operation variety -20 C to +50 C.
  • Designed for rifles that produce 6000 Joules ME, such as.375 H&H Mag.

Pulsar dfa75 test

This can be a test of my new Pulsar DFA75 front. Non animals have been harmed for the duration of this record.

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